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The funds of GRAFE come from different sources:

  • donations:  the activities of the president, public relation actions, our website, and personal initiatives of the members, allow GRAFE to expand its network of supporters every year.
  • annual membership fees.

  • income from various initiatives:  meal support, bookmark editing, postcards illustrating the projects of GRAFE in Africa, or other occasional projects.

  • as well as the unconditional support of the Graf Family (Marie, Andreas, Gérôme and Philippe)
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Funds allocation

Every year during the meetings, the steering committee set priorities and select the areas and / or projects to support. So doing GRAFE can allocate new funds every year for microcredits in partner countries.

The funds are distributed after reviewing of the different applications made in our partner countries. Funds distribution is the responsibility of the president herself, who personally distributes funds during every mission. So doing, we can ensure that projects are in correlation with the objectives of GRAFE.

Loans are microcredits whose amount varies between 1'000 CHF and 5'000 CHF; GRAFE supports projects already on their way or assists in the realization of new projects. In the latter situation, the initiators should already possess 20% of the project costs, which are used to initiate the project, but are not kept as a security deposit by GRAFE, which bases its action on the principle of trust among beneficiaries. Repayments of the microcredits are regularly reinjected into the local funds, and used to finance new activities without any further delay.

Between 2006 and 2012, an annual average amount of 25'000 had been allocated. The years 2013 and 2014 were mainly dedicated to the restructuration and centralization of the funds (press articles of 02/12/14 and 01/19/15) .
Starting in 2015, as previously announced, GRAFE will focus on the region of the lakes in the Sine Saloum, and has already allocated a 10'000 CHF fund.

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