History: Marie Graf, delegate of the University of Geneva at the International Academy of the Environment , founded the association GRAFE in 1994 in order to bring a new contribution to the humanitarian network. (medal of contribution). The association became a formal NGO in 2002 after being registered with the Ministry of Domestic Affairs in Senegal. In 2006 GRAFE was granted a consultative representation at the United Nation Economic and Social Council.

The President of the association, Marie Graf, with Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize 2006, at the microcredit global summit in Halifax (Canada) in November 2006.

Mission: GRAFE is a NGO specialized in microcredit, not driven by the care for profit. The association tries to fight poverty and prevent rural depopulation in West Africa (Senegal, Burkina Faso, and Ivory Coast) by improving the living conditions of its beneficiaries.

Staff: around 30 people are members of various networks covered by GRAFE spread in Switzerland and Africa.