For each project, the GRAFE association strives to create self-managed development poles in the form of partnerships whose key steps are as follows:

  • identification of the site and the local actors by the collaborators of the association in the concerned country
  • cost and feasibility study
  • validation of the projects by the board of the association
  • control of the work during successive field missions

Since its creation, GRAFE's actions have generated 1'205 jobs and 432 training courses. 7'749 projects have been successfully completed. At the end of 2012, the association had 1'493 ongoing projects in all countries.

During 2013, the GRAFE carried out a financial reorganization in order to reassess the smooth running of the projects managed by its local partners.
As of 2014, GRAFE decided to centralize the liquidities coming from the repayment of microcredits by the beneficiaries. For the sake of clarity, the steering committee decided to suspend the distribution of new microcredits despite the influx of new requests for support.
At the end of 2014, a major decision was taken by the GRAFE board: to grant the microcredits opened in the Dakar and North regions (see press articles).

As of 2015, microcredit granting activities resumed after new tools for monitoring financial flows were put in place.