Water filter project LifeStraw in Senegal

Drinking water for the have-nots

In line with the 2015 objectives (Millennium development goals, a UN sustainable development program to fight back poverty), GRAFE initiated a water filter project to contribute to widen the access to drinking water in its partner countries.

Projet filtres à eau


The preparation of the project lasted for two years: in addition to manufacturing problems (compliance with health standards), many transportation difficulties were faced: most of the small organisations would have had to pay extremely high transportation costs compared to the goods value; this not to mention the custom clearance problems.

Two villages of north Senegal close to the Mauritanian border (Souloul and Keur Abdou Soumare) were allowed to use this new technology of water filters in 2011.

A filter is very easy to use and is able to clean a minimum of 15'000 litres; it can provide a whole family with drinking water for a minimum of two years, based on a consumption of approximately 20 litres per day. The filter allow to get a weter without bacteria, virus and parasites. GRAFE was able to deliver about 80 filters in the two villages mentioned above. A second phase should take place in 2012, and should be able to cover some schools.

This realization was achieved thanks to donators and a number of various supports. Thanks to all of you for your generosity, and to all our partners who helped us for this challenge.


Projet filtres à eau

Projet filtres à eau


In 2013, thanks to the NGO GRAFE who made available water filters, the students of the villages of Rawette, Maraye, Ndick, Rone and Diadiam located in the rural community of Diama (department of Diagana) can from now on drink clean water. The drinkable water is still a unaffordable luxury for those people.