The resources of the GRAFE association come from different sources:

  • Donations: thanks to the regular fundraising activities of the President, the public relations activities, the website and the personal actions of the members, the association is able to enlarge its network of people interested in its activities every year.

  • Membership fees of the members of the association

  • Income generated through various actions: support meals, publication of bookmarks and postcards on the association's projects in Africa, or other one-off projects

  • as well as the unconditional support of the Graf family (Marie and Andreas, Gérôme and Philippe).
Spaghetti party

Distribution of funds

Each year, during the assemblies, the board meets to define priorities and select the areas and/or projects to be supported. The GRAFE association can inject new funds each year for microcredits in partner countries.

The distribution of the funds is made after studying the requests made in our partner countries. The president personally distributes the funds during each mission, making sure that the projects are in correlation with the objectives of the association GRAFE.

The loans correspond to microcredits whose amount varies between CHF. 1'000 and 5'000; GRAFE supports projects already in progress or helps to implement new projects. For the latter, the initiators themselves possess 20% of the necessary funds, which are used for the start-up, but which are not kept as a guarantee by GRAFE, which bases its action on the principle of trust towards the beneficiaries. The repayments of the microcredits regularly feed the local funds and make it possible to finance new activities without delay.

Between 2006 and 2012, an annual average of 25'000 CHF has been injected. The years 2013 and 2014 were used to restructure and centralize the funds (c.f. press articles of 02.12.14 and 19.01.15).
From 2015, as previously announced, GRAFE will focus on the Siné Saloum lake region and already plans to inject funds of around 10,000 CHF.